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Amsterdam Neighborhoods

Blessed with a monumental 16th century inner city, Amsterdam offers an exciting mix of modern cosmopolitan lifestyle and small town feel that makes everybody feel right at home. Amsterdam offers a wealth of culture, music festivals, museums, great restaurants, thrilling nightlife, romantic parks and plenty of family activities. With its booming art and design industry and rich history of tolerance, Amsterdam is definitely one of the most exciting cities to live in.

City Center

It’s hard to say which neighborhood in Amsterdam’s city center is best. It all depends on your lifestyle and budget. The old district De Jordaan, with it’s small cafes, numerous shops, and charming canals and bridges certainly is popular amongst expats. Recently, the inner city has been put on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and one stroll through the maze of enchanting old warehouses will tell you why.

Amsterdam-South and De Pijp

The south of Amsterdam, including the ‘Notting Hill’-like district of De Pijp with its colorful Albert Cuyp market and Heineken brewery, has a more simple feel to it. With wider avenues, classic Victorian architecture and, of course, the world renowned Museum District, Amsterdam-South offers the young urban inhabitant an elegant environment to live in. Furthermore, Amsterdam-South is easily accessible, with the South-axis just minutes away.


A melting pot of the city, the recently renovated old part of Amsterdam-East offers you a tasteful treat of multicultural life. With mouthwatering international food, exotic markets, genuine local bars and an extensive student population, Amsterdam-East is anything but boring. With the completely new and popular East-docklands, Amsterdam-East also offers amazing architectural highlights.


When the city started to regenerate Amsterdam Old-West, nobody had expected that the outcome would be so amazing. The Westerpark district is now considered a real Amsterdam gem. Along the entire district, you will find a spacious family park, with its former industrial gas buildings completely renovated and turned into theatres, cafes and dance venues. The Westerpark district borders De Jordaan, and offers easy access to the ring-highway and the rest of the city.

Outside the Ring

Certainly pleasant to live in, the district of New West that lies outside the city ring-highway offers suburban living conditions. The apartments in Amsterdam New-West are well-ordered, and you will find all you need in the neighbourhood, but the area does not offer the ‘big city life’ that the rest of Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods boasts.


The district of Buitenveldert is a pleasant and peaceful neighbourhood. Situated just outside the city ring-highway, between the suburb of Amstelveen and Amsterdam-South, this spacious and green upper market district offers excellent living conditions with good connections to Schiphol Airport, the city center and the surrounding meadow-lands. Furthermore, the river Amstel is just a stroll away.


Amstelveen is considered the green suburb of Amsterdam. With a huge and lovely park on its border, the Amsterdamse Bos, situated nearby highway and Schiphol Airport, Amstelveen is home to many international companies and also boasts a well-respected International School. Rental prices in this region are upper market.


Home to some renowned creative industries, such as MTV Networks and the NDSM Docklands projects, the north of Amsterdam is undergoing a gradual change,  transforming from a basic living district to a more cosmopolitan one. However, keep in mind that this process is slow and only apparent in a small part of the district. Amsterdam-North is generally less popular with expats or the younger population. The district can be reached by ferry or through the IJ-tunnel, and offers cheaper housing options.

Around Town


Public transport in Amsterdam is well-organized and ‘user friendly’. It can actually be fun to ride one of the trams and take in the city views outside your window. There’s no part of town you can’t reach by tram, metro, bus or ferry.


Parking without a so called ‘parking permit’ can cost you a bit. In the old inner city, parking fares go up to 6 euro an hour. And there’s no fooling the parking controllers. Without hesitation they’ll be happy to fine you, even if you were just parking for a few minutes. As an alternative, you can park your car outside the city limits in one of the transfer garages, or start riding a scooter or bicycle like most of the locals do.

Getting Settled

Living in Amsterdam means more than just renting an apartment. Being former expats ourselves, GDY Housing offers you peace of mind. We know what it’s like to start a life in Amsterdam. You can contact us about almost everything, just to get you settled in.