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What kind of services does GDY Housing offer?
GDY Housing is a real estate and property management company that is a one-stop shop for any and every real estate venture in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. From renting and buying to property management, administrative assistance and VIP services, GDY Housing seeks to make your real estate project in Holland trouble-free.

How can I contact you?
Our team here at GDY is available to offer help and assistance with any question or request you might have. Click here to fill in our contact form, send us an e-mail ( info@gdyhousing.com), call us (+31 20 470 4749)or drop in for a face to face meeting (Tolstraat 112, 1074 VK Amsterdam).

Home Owners

Do I as owner have to be present at the house viewing?
No, our agents can arrange the viewings and take care of everything. If, however, you would like to be present at the housing viewing we will of course coordinate the viewings to fit in with your timetable.

Do I as owner have a say regarding the choice of the future tenant?
Yes you do. Before finding tenants for your house, we will sit together to understand what your preferences are when it comes to tenants. All the rental conditions have to be agreed on by both sides involved in the rental process.

What happens after you find a potential buyer/renter?
As soon as we have found a potential buyer/renter, we will set up a meeting with you to discuss the contract. We are keen on finding the best solution for both parties involved.

What does your property management include and how do you handle it?
GDY Housing offers home owners a special maintenance service – we can take care of your Amsterdam property, leaving you to carry on with your day-to-day life. For further details about this our property management service, please view our Amsterdam Property Management section.


Which documents do I have to prepare in order to rent an apartment in Amsterdam?
First and most importantly we will need a copy of your passport or ID. After starting our search for your property, we will require a copy of your work contract and/or a bank guarantee.

How long can I rent a house in Amsterdam for?
The minimum stay at most Amsterdam apartment and houses starts at 3 months and can go up to several years, depending on the owner.

What special services does GDY Housing offer expats?
Being former expats ourselves, we at GDY Housing have hand-on experience with everything associated with moving to Holland and living in Amsterdam. We offer help with administrative issues, documents, contracts and any other matter related to your move to Amsterdam. Take a look at our Corporate Housing section to learn more about our administrative & technical services, relocation assistance and VIP services in Amsterdam.

What are the main steps of the rental process?
We try to keep the rental process as simple and clear as possible. First, we will look up a number of places that meet your preferences, followed by setting a date of a personal viewing.
After you decided on an apartment, GDY Housing will negotiate your contract for you. When signed, we take care of your check-in process and hand over the key. Take a look at our For Rent section to browse properties and read more about the process.

What area does GDY Housing cover?
We cover all city areas of Amsterdam and Amstelveen, including the surrounding area. Read through our General Info section to read more about the neighborhoods of Amsterdam.

What do GDY Housing VIP services include?
GDY Housing is available to its clients 24/7. Our VIP services include high-level, dedicated concierge services at various levels. From arranging cleaning service and booking restaurants to finding a school for your children and offering financial advice and guidance, GDY’s VIP services address every aspect of life in Amsterdam. Take a look at our VIP Services section and read about the details of our service.